Devil's Pen

Devil's Pen

At first, these stories started out as personal emails sent to a small circle of friends in fellowship. I added in the occasional sketch, graphic or photo just to spice things up.

Gradually, the list expanded, the graphics took on a more significant role, and I’ve made an attempt at more stable posting intervals. The response has been gratifying, and the list has expanded to a point where emails will soon no longer be practical. They led to the creation of this blog, and perhaps someday a published book, and maybe some day some product spin-offs like posters, shirts, cards, an iPad app, yeah right.

These stories and pictures are available for the enjoyment of all friends who walk this road. Please “pass it forward” to those who might appreciate it, but don’t use the words or pictures outside of the context of their use, together, as shown here, or for any other purpose — they are copyrighted. Play fair, be nice, and don’t forget to floss.

Lots of folks ask about the “Happy Trudgers” name. It is derived from the last paragraph of the “Big Book” of AA, page 164 (before the stories):

“Abandon yourself to God as you understand God. Admit your faults to Him and to your fellows. Clear away the wreckage of your past. Give freely of what you find and join us. We shall be with you in the Fellowship of the Spirit, and you will surely meet some of us as you trudge the Road of Happy Destiny. May God bless you and keep you – until then.”

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