Get the Money

November 8, 2014

Get the Money

Greetings, fellow trudgers “on the road of Happy Destiny”…

I woke up early this morning, refreshed and ready to go and thinking about a client project. I decided to go right into the office and take care of the client work first thing.

I walked into my office only to spot a check received from a different client, sitting in the middle of the desk. The check, an overdue payment, had arrived in yesterday’s mail along with by an urgent request for new work (as often happens) to be done.
So… what do I do?
  • get the original client task done I was planning?
  • handle the new work ordered by the client who just sent a check?
  • process the check and get it to the bank?
  • make the decision easy, and just go back to bed?
I thought of the famous quote by agent Shep Gordon (subject of the documentary Super-Mensch). When asked why he was so beloved by his entertainment industry clients (who read like a who’s who of the biz), he said he followed three rules:
1. Get the money
2. Always remember to get the money
3. Never forget to always remember to get the money
So, this morning, the check got processed first.
Happy trails!

Money Money Money

October 18, 2010

Money Money Money

Money Money Money

Greetings, fellow trudgers on “the Road of Happy Destiny”…

These days, worrying about money seems like the latest dance craze—everybody’s doing it.

We do it in style, too. Some of us hate money, some crave it, some do both at the same time. Some hoard it, others avoid it. We may lie, cheat or steal for it. We may fear a lack of money, or even fear an abundance of it. Some of us judge ourselves by it, or use it to measure others. Some of us pretend it’s beneath us, yet it permeates our secret thoughts. Some of us don’t believe we’re entitled to it, and even find ourselves avoiding it when it’s offered. Some of us live in a constant “state of collision” with others—even our closest loved ones—as we careen about, out of touch, out of balance, and often out of our minds regarding money.

This morning I came across this reflection:

Happiness = Satisfaction ÷ Desires

[Happiness equals Satisfaction divided by Desires]

“Happiness exists when what you want is matched by what you have. If your desires are few, they are easy to satisfy. Are you so obsessed with what you do not have that you miss what you have now? Are your desires so intense that you always have to be striving for more to satisfy them?” *

In the midst of financial fears that blind me to the amazing richness of my life, I can remember that the solution to lack starts with me: building and expressing gratitude for what I have, and building from there. Just for today, I’m grateful to be reminded that:

1. I am rich, healthy, and at peace: I live without war and am in the top 3% for wealth, life expectancy and health among all people who have ever lived.
2. I can breathe: I can close my eyes, take a deep breath and feel peace and life-force flow in.
3. I can see: I can open my eyes to the beauty all around me. I can notice it.
4. I can count: I can ponder, write, meditate, or share a list of positive things I have to be thankful for today.
5. I can give and receive: I can be of service and give to others. If I need help, I can ask for it. If I am offered help, I can receive it with thankfulness and grace.
6. I can decide: I can make up my mind, just for today, right now, to live in gratitude.

When I engage in this process of change and align my desires with what I have instead of being lost in the endless pursuit and worry of aligning what I have with what I want, I start to experience peace, serenity and joy, even in the midst of trying circumstances. I gain clarity about money and business and recognize that they are parts of my spiritual path. I can renew my pursuit of a new life for myself, not out of desperation or fear, but out of a deep desire to live fully, and to give to others.

Happy trails!

*PS – This reflection is part of the Tenth Step work in “A Gentle Path Through the Twelve Steps” by Dr. Patrick Carnes.